Hey there!

I'm Cederik

I'm a Tech Entrepreneur based in Brussels, Belgium. More specifically I'm from Overijse, which is just under Brussels and has the best grapes in the world. I'm both a tech and a people person, and love it when you can achieve great things by combining them.

My Career so far

Over the past ten years, I've found myself between business and technology teams, bringing them together to enable people through technology.

Technology Leadership
Project Management
Business Model Canvas
Business Development

Selected features

Sometimes I write, or talk and people film it.
  • Advanced Engineering
    (May 2020)
  • AWE Munich
    (October 2019)
  • VRX Europe
    (April 2019)
  • Hack Belgium 2018
    (April 2018)
  • Edtech X Europe
    (June 2016)


Other times, I talk with other people in the room.

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Let's work together to enable people through technology.