European Consumer Centers Network

Project Manager
Project Overview
The European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) is an EU-wide network. There is a national contact point called the European Consumer Center (ECC) in all 28 EU Member States, Iceland and Norway. ECCs provide consumers with information about the opportunities and risks of the European Single Market and also regarding cross-border consumer topics, such as travel, various services, and the purchase of goods and services.
My Contributions
Lead a Technology Innovation Project which replaced the network's operational software from conception to execution

Work with different governmental stakeholders (Up to Director-General level) respecting and navigating relevant processes

Master DIGIT processes, DIGIT strategies and how to do IT in general at the European Commission
The European Consumer Centers are responsible for assisting European Citizens in case of conflict with a foreign trader. They do this through 160 Lawyers distributed over 30 physical centers across Europe.

They needed to transform to coop with the increased amount of consumer requests whilst reducing operational costs.

We implemented a Service Desk solution and self-service Knowledge base across Europe, increasing operational efficiency and effectivity with 10%.
European Comission
Project Manager
Feb 2015 - May 2018

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