The Nim Framework

XR Strategy & Implementation
Project Overview
The Nim framework provides a common language between Executives and Experience Designers on the Business side and Technology Experts with expertise in Spatial Computing, Biometrics, XR (Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality), Artificial Intelligence and Edge Computing (5G combined with Cloud Computing) on the other side.
My Contributions
I'm the author of this framework. I created it to provide structure in a complex conversation where different fields and technologies come together.
The Nim Framework
October 2019 - present
We need to prepare for a society where computer powered assistants are in every step of our daily lives. If we do this in the right way, a bright future of sustainable exploration and creation awaits. For this both users and creators need to understand the opportunities and the challenges of what's coming our way.

I try to provide a common language to talk about the 4th revolution in the interaction between man and machine triggered by the convergence of VR/AR, AI and 5G. I do this through Nims. It's an acronym for Natural Interaction Modules, one or more pieces of technology that work alone or together as your ask-me-anything assistants. You naturally interact with them using all of your senses, leveraging VR, or AR technology. These assistants will be smart and powerful thanks to AI and a high-speed 5G connection to the raw calculation power of the cloud.

Nims are not new. We can describe a lot of things that exist today as a Nim, but it helps to understand and talk about this revolution. Like the story of the Nymph Echo provided the Greeks a way to talk about things people found hard to grasp in their moment in time.

The Framework is divided in three sections; The Nims we Need, Interacting with Nims, and Nim structure.
The Nims we Need focuses on helping users ask, and creators create Nims that make sense. It aims to prevent the creation of gimmicks, pieces of technology that are impressive but don't add value. Interacting with Nims talks about The channels of interaction a Nim can use to simulated Natural Feedback (Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell, Touch, Temperature, Kinesthetic, Balance, Vibration, Pain, and Thoughts.) and how to interact with them through the technology of today and tomorow.
Nim Infrastructure is about both the business and technology structure required for Nim creators to thrive.

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