The Park Playground

Chief Technology Officer
Project Overview
The Park Playground is a trailblazing Location-Based Virtual Reality start-up backed by Telenet (Liberty Global) and 9.5 Ventures. Within its first year, it served 50,000 customers, completed 3 cutting edge VR-Productions and opened 3 venues. The Park is worldwide the fastest LBVR start-up to achieve profitability and the first to co-launch a production on national television and in its venues.
My Contributions
Lead Innovation & Technology Roadmap, budget, recruitment & operations from scratch

Decide on what technologies to engage in a fast-moving space

Create and Nurture relations with innovative third party suppliers in the hardware and software market
The Park goes beyond just virtual reality. Every decision you make during the game contributes to a unique scenario. You take on the challenge together as a team and support each other throughout your story. Wondering how your story ends?

The Park takes team play to another level. Your equipment: a lightweight backpack, VR goggles and a futuristic weapon. Explore 200 m2 of free-roam virtual reality and complete a challenging mission.
The Park Entertainment
Chief Technology Officer
Jul 2018 — Aug 2019

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